5 Marketing Tips for Doctors & Medical Professionals

Running a practice is a business, and a successful business requires successful marketing.

Too many doctors rely on word of mouth and old patients as their main source of income and they miss out on thousands of dollars they could also be getting if they did better marketing.

Here are some of best tips to have a successful online presence and to have a great marketing returns in 2019.

1. Sit Down and Make a Plan

Some doctors think that marketing is an expense, a hassle, and an unneeded waste of time.

The doctors that are dominating their spaces realize it is an investment, and the more you invest in the right marketing tactics, the more you get back in return.

As you think of this investment in your business, these are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Where am I at now? Where do I need to be? Being honest with where you are at and setting clear goals will help you create results that your practice never had before.  
  2. How much of a budget can I healthily have for my marketing efforts?
  3. What are my other fellow doctors in my locality doing? How is there online presence?

Part of your plan needs to include some of the other tips that we will mention below.

2. Make a Professional Website that Speaks to Your Patients

In today’s day and age, a website is not only a fancy addition to your practice, it is your business card and your face to the public. Your website needs to be informative, appealing and needs to speak your brand story. The more a patient or customer is connected to your brand the more likely he/she will stay and recommend you to others.

In business we learn about the 4 P’s that all marketing revolves around: Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. The price and the product you already have, but your website is your online “place” and the heart of where all your other digital and online promotion happens.

A good website not only looks great, but also clearly explains and highlights the primary services provided and gives information to the most frequently asked questions.

A bad website is worse than having no website at all. A bad website leaves a bad impression about you and your whole practice to everyone- your patients, your potential patients, and even your fellow doctors that may be googling you. Every dollar spent on this is well-worth it!

3. SEO & Google Domination

Once your website is done and ready, one of the next steps if you really want to rank high in getting new clients is to focus on SEO. SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” For example, when someone searches for “family practice doctor in NYC,” each page will be ranked by Google according to how well their SEO is. The higher the page is in rank, the more clicks and customers it gets. A bad website? No content? No good marketing strategy? Yes, you guessed it, it will probably be on page 50 of google if it’s even ranked at all.

4. Social Media Marketing

There are so many new platforms out there and each serves as another opportunity for you to market yourself.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. These platform are household names for many of us. But what may not be as common is us using these platforms for directed and targeted social media marketing that brings patients in, that brings great reviews, and that builds a brand of your practice that everyone loves and appreciates.

Part of this is not only about gaining new patients, but also keeping old ones loyal to you. If a patient only meets with you once a month, what’s not to say that if a new doctor comes in town right across the road that your patients will switch to their practice? It’s your marketing and constant engagement that can really connect them. 

5. Hire A Professional!

You’re a professional, that’s why people come to you instead of going to the herb doctor in the neighborhood(well at least I hope they come to you instead!). Digital marketing is an art, and professionals can make the difference to make you successful.    

Can’t do it on your own? We are here to help!

Contact us at rawaldigitalsolutions@gmail.com or through our contact page and we’d love to help!

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